that girl

On a shelf inside of her room is a bottle of Dolce and Gabanna perfume, unopened, in wait for the perfect occasion with the perfect person to use it for. She has yet to find someone worthy to waste her favorite scent on, and that makes her completely miserable.

If he was not “the one”, then where does this leave her? She wasted away five years of her life with unhealthy obsessions and unfulfilled hopes of what she thought was the only solution and entity to her well being. Through his acceptance, she would achieve all that she needed to silence her emptiness, which was forever reminding herself of its existence. The casual, impersonal sex she forced herself to have with him was rationalized by the belief that eventually, he would realize her for more than her body. Five years, and all that she is left with is an unused bottle of expensive perfume with no one to smell it on her.

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