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    In Verona, Italy, there exists an alleyway that leads to what is called “la Casa de Giulietta”, the alleged inspiration of Shakespeare’s Juliet, balcony and all. Throughout the years, tourists have come to this site and have left their hopes and wishes for love in the form of letters and little trinkets there, creating what looks like a shrine dedicated to romance.

    I was 17 when I found myself in this square, in this foreign country, but surrounded by such a familiar story. We grow up learning about their forbidden and fatale love affair. They might be the world’s most famous couple- Romeo & Juliet- a close second to Adam & Eve. Both duos symbolize what the power that love and lust have over us; the depths and lengths man and woman will go for their lover. Deceit, death, betrayal. Love for them was a suicide. Love for them was sin. Yet, their stories are so tragically beautiful.


    All I ever needed was an honest hand to touch me, a voice to tell me truths. All I ever wanted was to be given something genuine that was mine to keep. I don’t care if it tears me apart at the end, I don’t care if it’s the death of me- after all, it’s all I am living for.

    If you ever find yourself in Verona and search the walls of la Casa de Giuletta hard enough, you’ll find my name, written on a piece of note-pad paper, glued to a rock by a piece of chewed up gum.

I’m just waiting on that fucked up fairytale to find me…

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