Compare & Contrast

As darkness falls outside, around me, inevitably,

a lamp glows inside, to provide

an artificial light-

a false, cheap extension of an eternal day.


As I lay, positioned,

I notice the subtle changes from day to night

and how it represents an everlasting contradiction;

the timeless battle between dark and light.

Light is darkness, only less severe,

whereas darkness is only a denser light.

One is not better, nor purer than the other,

they are simply versions of each other.

Mythology and religion depict these two concepts

in the form of good and evil; an ongoing fight where one must conquer the other.

And so we have such a problem overcoming these opposites

because we taught to see them as such-

“opposites�?; “different.�?

I have always appreciated the times

when the moon can be seen while the sun is still up-

you just have to open up your eyes

and look a little deeper than the surface

of the evening sky.

KV ©

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