I think the most painful truth of existence is that nothing lasts forever…

No matter how much you touch someone- caress their skin, put your mouth on their’s –
no matter how many times you run your fingers through their hair, and breathe in their scent;
no matter how much you might appreciate and adore their presence and essence
in the midst of your own,
when they are gone, all those tactile things go along with it.

And instantly, you will not be able to recall the way they felt or smelt or tasted;
even their voice becomes a faint recollection.
You will remember that you were enamored by these things -that it was your kryptonite-
that it was enough to sustain you for eternity, perhaps,
but you will undoubtedly forget what it really was like to be next to them.
For what once felt like something that was only yours becomes
the one thing you are forbidden to embrace.
It will just be a memory of something you miss so much;
it will just be an idea; a concept; a compilation of nostalgic moments lost in time.

And that the particles and molecules once within my reach – that is what
I am perpetually chasing;
The lost high that was you.

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One thought on “9:29pm

  1. Truth is, everything in this life ends in lonely tragedy. I’m going to Suck every bit of joy out of it while we can, like the last drops of a Capri sun on a hot day.

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