an ode to god

The few and far in between times when I am not so wrapped up in my egotistic, neurotic anxieties, I am in a state of awe of all the majesties that life has to offer. And it only occurs when I’m alone with nature.

These little, microscopic things that I let bother me: parking tickets, an unanswered text, some girl who I don’t even like doesn’t like me (but why?), the guy who didn’t put his blinker on- I let these things consume me. It is all these pathetic pieces of every day life that will give me so much grief. And then I put my running sneakers on, I plug my headphones into my ears, I hit the pavement and it all goes on mute.

I’m not a religious person- in fact, I laugh in the face of religion, I mock it, like it is some children’s urban legend that I have outgrown. But God? I feel that everywhere. God in the innocence of animals, in the way clouds radiate some kind of magical beam. God in the trees, the moon, the stars, in a breeze on a summer day. And I’m here, soaking in all the natural, honest, art of God and for now, it all makes perfect, sublime sense.

We– as people- are so unbelievably blessed. It makes absolutely no sense to me- zero– how we are able to do all that we can. The ability to talk; how thousands of languages have been created; electricity, the Internet, transportation? I mean, a person just like you and I, they got this extraordinary idea and they made it become real.

And it blows my mind.

We are fascinating beings, with minds so sickeningly powerful, with the ability to communicate, to build, to climb mountains and run marathons and produce music, and art, to create life and literature. We were given emotion- such a tender, beautiful gift; emotion. We are the only species that is able to literally express how much we care about another being with our words. How lucky can we possibly be?

And what do we do with it?


God exists, it’s everywhere; it’s in all the things beautiful that we cannot explain. I know it without a doubt in my mind; I know it every time I take the time out to be alone outside.

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