The Doorbell Days

I am witnessing a Generation- a World- where I can access anything from anywhere and share it with anyone, and yet I’ve never felt more removed from humanity.

But it’s not because we are growing up and engaging in more mind-enhancing outlets and activities, it’s because we are suffocated by all of these subliminal, superficial ideologies that our society has grown to employ. Reality shows and the incessant stalking, obsessing and impersonation of a better version of ourselves online and it has become so sickening that I can’t decipher who the hell anyone really is anymore- including myself. Am I even able to create a first impression anymore? Chances are, the people we meet now a days, we already have an idea of what they are “all about” just because of this simulated idea they created for us to believe about themselves.


“The Doorbell Days”

…the days you had to call someone’s house and feel all uncomfortable as you pressed the last button on the phone because, who will pick up? do I say “Hi is Peter there?” or “Can I talk to Peter, this is Karina”?

When you rode your bike to a friends house, and then together went to your other best friend’s to pick him up. And then you would just…do nothing. And that was fine- that was cool- that was contentment. You didn’t need to get wasted, you didn’t need to find someone to hook-up with, or show-off to the world what you were doing. It was just about hanging out, it was that simple.

The very essence of the title;
When you actually had to walk up to someone’s door, ring their bell, and see if they were home.

Now, if a guy comes to pick me up for a date, he doesn’t even get out of his car.
It’s just a text: “Here.” “Come outside.”

Everything has just become so impersonal. The more we advance in technology, the more we decrease in intimacy; in the personal. It’s happening so fast that I can’t even remember what it was like before all of this shit just blew up.


Every now and then I take note of the remaining payphones you’ll find along busy avenues and boulevards. I take in a deep breath; ::sigh:: Payphones. And I think how quickly the world around us changes, how everything we once held sacred and important gets replaced by something “better” and “new”, so much that we forget what really matters.


And as that theme song goes…

“What ever happened to predictability?
The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV…”


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