fuck[ing] you.

Your thick tongue
rubs against mine.
Our heads turn violently from side, to side.
The taste of your saliva is my favorite aphrodisiac,
along with the smell of your sweat on your skin.
And I’m soaking;
I’m soaking it all in.

Your hands grab my face, getting caught in my hair.
My mouth overlaps yours, I pull away, lock my eyes into yours,
and give you that magnetic stare.
My breathing turns into involuntary little moans
that in turn get you harder
and the harder you get,
the more I moan; the more I’m wet.
You get me so wildly turned on that I almost want to hurt you.
This violent type of passion drives me crazy;
I want every single inch of you in me, on me;  just fucking take me.
I watch, from above,
your beautiful face in between my thighs;
and then you look up,
watching me watching you, with your seductive eyes.
My wrists tighten on the sheets;
you give me the sweetest release.
And when you fuck me, it’s something I’ve never even felt;
you fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before.
You have my body mapped out like you made it yourself.
When you’re in me, my whole entity is all yours.
We cum together in a simultaneous climax,
Like our bodies were made to work together.
And I can’t stop from coming back
despite how crazy you make me, cause you make me cum even better.

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  1. Where do I begin… I took the time out to read a few of your inserts and choose to comment on this one in particular. First I’d like to say I admire your courage to express yourself so freely, I’m sure al

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