Sex With the City Part II

I do this thing;

It’s my own personal fling.

So promiscuous,

so intimate.

They get a taste

of my delicious

intent; I’m so into it.


With a look in my eyes

as I walk past each passerby,

I give myself up to them;

no limitations; no expectations

except one:


Headphones on

and I walk, as tall as I can

with a light bounce-

confidently and certain-

to the soundtrack of my own life.


I really do envision

a motion picture of my life

as I am in motion

throughout New York City.

I catch eyes, locking looks

into mine and for the seconds

that we connect

with eye contact

I give a half smile

and with it

I give some of my pain,

some of my mystery,

some of self,

just through my eyes.


I can’t tell you how I know it

but I know that they feel it too

because they look back

just as hard and just as long

as I do.

The fixation doesn’t flutter

until we are forced

to walk in opposites.

And with these quick flings

I end the day

having the best sex of my life-

sex with strangers,

safe sex;

a connection without words

leaving a piece of myself

in the eyes and the mind

of another.

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