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On a rock, in my favorite park-
a park where my first love told me
for the first time “I love you”-
is written in what looks like a white-out pen
“One Life, One Purpose.”

What’s it mean to you?

To me, that 1 purpose,
as corny
and cliché
as it sounds,
is love.

To me, the 1 thing
that motivates people,
that drains
& drives us-
that we are alive for-
is to experience love.

What does any of this mean-
work, money, fashion, food,
pleasure, pain-
if we are experiencing it alone.

If it’s true,
that this complex concept
is what we, as humans,
are living for,
why is it such a fucking battle
amongst us?

That thin line,
between love & hate,
why is it so easy to cross?

It shouldn’t be this way;
it shouldn’t be this hard
to make it work.
It shouldn’t be this easy
to let it go.
It shouldn’t be the one thing
for so many of us
if it’s the one thing
we need.

Just One Life, with One Purpose.
Isn’t it that simple?

KV ©

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