you’ve got it down to perfection

so good; a side profession

living lies without confession

giving me a false perception

misleading me with misconceptions.

i had faith in opaque obsessions;

i couldn’t see through the fake impression.

i trusted in your protection

i lusted for your affection

i loved your open expression,

when you told me i was an exception

i wrapped myself into you with full acceptance.

i didn’t bother to find need for correction

for i held you in such high mention.

so i chose not to pay attention

to all the clues leading me in a direction

that would sway me from your perfect reflection.

but the truth was revealed; you have a whole collection

of the feminine


that you keep from me secretly

at your discretion.

and your secrets were in succession;

lie ,after lie, after lie, to keep me as your possession.

you penetrated yourself into me like an infection.

every word, every touch; all a deception

now you give me your apologies; say you learned your lesson

but that wont give you redemption.

KV ©


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One thought on “deception

  1. Interpretation
    By Alex Espinosa

    It took a look from you to hook me in your solitude. Your piercing attitude, it’s true…it gave me wood.But this stupefied connection only led to masturbation. Then this demonized infection sodomized my imagination. My intention was to love you, but deception spawned above you. Such a cruel abomination seeking heaven blue redemption…but the rain just kept on pouring and I lost my full erection. I guess the sunshine that I painted, was translucent and impatient. In my senses it’s concrete:
    you were just an imitation of a failed insemination, an invention of temptation that transformed into regression and your vile cold oppression left the impression of depression and a bitter congregation of unwanted repossession…but I knew through my duration that one day I’d lose my patience. Lacerations of aggression were invasions that collided in my frail imagination. Your affection was perfection, but it faded in the midst of its deflection and persistent aggravation. In your vocal celebration, I became the admiration of aberration, like a lustful apparition deep within your trepidation. As obsession settled in, I sank deep in isolation, desperation and a hint of dissipation that submerged me in desolation. Then I felt the transformation sweat through pores of motivation in a lucid revelation, as a breeze of inspiration charmed my long anticipation. You had faded in frustration, your foundation caved and shattered in the form of degradation…my vocation was a martyr, our connection dried and rotted-
    And through a surprising realization

    you became my true salvation.


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