Starving Spirits

I’ve searched to find the truth in Her,

I’ve yearned to get a boost from Her.

I thought that I could lose in Her

all that was empty inside of me.

I thought that if I choose Her

She would come to soothe the hurt.

But when I got to the root of Her-

after I bit that Apple and tasted the juice of Her-

I learned why She is known as that beautiful, ruthless Lucifer.


I’ve been through the Inferno and I know how deep the burns go

just to get to what you thought you wanted,

only to find out it wasn’t that that’s haunted

you so many idle hours in scattered thinking,

so your emptiness grows while your faith keeps sinking.

Hell is not a place you visit after death-

it’s not a destination you make after the last breath-

It’s in the everyday sacrifice

of the soul, when you battle the vice

over the virtue, pay the price

& let it hurt you.


You ever dance with the Devil?

Feel Her warmth and hear Her tell you

Her spells of he who follows Her to hell will revel

in all one’s desires? Well the fires are a compilation of liars;

It’s all just a game to conspire.

There’s Seven Deadly ways of life,

with 10 Commandments we need to abide

just to stay on track.

But that Angel of Evil, she keeps coming back.

In all different sorts of shapes and sizes,

so we make some more compromises.


An unfulfilled need for Greed,

We’re Hungry with Gluttony,

Flushed with Lust,

Lazy, Self-Absorbed, Furious & Jealous

of everyone else’s possessions, because we’ll never have enough.

Starving Spirits

is what we are

and always have been.

Long before Eve

ever attracted Adam,

long before the Garden

we were made with Sin;

It’s embedded into our souls, and etched into our skin.

So hungry, So thirsty;

starving for a temptation that I know is going to hurt me.

We want the unattainable and go through mad measure to sustain them

And everyone else points their fingers and says “No, no, no”

But when it’s all said and done,

Everybody wants a taste of fruit

from the prettiest girl in the Garden.

KV ©


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One thought on “Starving Spirits

  1. Hi Karina,

    I really, really love and respect your style! I can feel the flow as I read without a sign of disconnect. As a writer myself, it is difficult to find that flow in others. It is something you either have or something that you do not possess. You are truly blessed. Your words are beautiful and refreshing and I thank you very much for sharing. 🙂

    Ps: check out my facebook for some of my own flows.

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