there’s a lot of hype, but no substance

like the type of love with no trust, it’s
the kind of lust with no true touch. it’s
obsessing over sex but when it’s over
you don’t feel closer
to the stranger next to you its just
it’s sniffing white powder,
getting that heart to pace louder
with all that fast-paced talking
but you’re not saying anything at all.
it’s making that money wall street wise
and buying that car all at a small price of compromise
of inner happiness and substantial relationships
because you can’t remember the last time
you actually enjoyed your life after you got lost in the hype.
cause believe me-

there’s a lot of hype, but no substance.

it’s the implants and the nose job,
the diet and the blow job
that you got and that you give
just to make it big.
it’s the time spent at the gym,
no carbs just to look slim,
but you forgot what it feels like to just feel right
in the skin you’re in because now its a sin
to be anything less than perfect.
and we all want perfect
but is perfect worth it
when you only care about the surface?
when you can no longer tell where your self begins
or ends
all at the expense of what it means to “win?”
no one’s looking within
no one’s stopping
just keep on keeping
up with latest,
up late,
spending, snorting, smoking
depending, distorting, devoting
our lives and our minds on all that is loveless

i desperately need something above this;

i need some god damn substance.

KV ©

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