wet for words

my fingers

press, slowly

as i start.

i have an idea

of what to think of;

my “theme” for the night

that will get me

to finish.

as i get more into it-

the thought-

i go a little faster.

it’s coming out so smoothy

and quickly;

coming out of me

so naturally.

i’m putting out

one on one

and it feels so good-

so therapeutic.

since i have no one else to share

myself with,

no one i feel comfortable


i’m able to be so naked; so open-

it’s just me on me.

i won’t judge myself

or how good i am at it

my fingers as my instrument

with my mind leading it

to its goal of total release

creating scenes

in my mind-

thinking of instances that have already happened

and fantasies that would make it sound

even better.

some people think its weird-

this kind of thing-

but i’m so good at it

why would i stop?

maybe i should keep my thoughts to myself

and stop fingering these keys


when it leaks out of me;

typing my thoughts out

now…what were you thinking about??


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One thought on “wet for words

  1. The title had me intrigued…I knew it was gonna be an interesting collection of words, nothing sexual…but as I started reading, my indignation took off and I’ll leave that one alone (for now) hehe lol…this was good!

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