Devil’s Advocate

I contradict and I persist.

I fail and I prevail.

More wise than you can imagine,

More bright than you can fathom.

Yet more foolish than I thought possible,

More naive than I thought probable.

I’m harsh and then I’m sorry,

impulsive and then I worry.

I’m on clouds of happiness,

preaching of life, living, of natural bliss,

and yet I feel

so empty,

so often.

I have to fight my daydreams


But it’s so hard for me to neglect the fantasies

prancing and dancing

in front of me.

I fall into traps of my imagination,

stuck on an infatuation

with envisioning and picturing

instances that I wish

could be my reality.

And thus, I am confused,

having trouble deciphering what is what and who is really who;

A creation of misplacing

fact from fiction,

and I just don’t know how

to make the right conviction

when it’s my puzzled mind that’s making the decisions.

KV ©

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