crack addict

There’s a crack in this pavement and I can no longer take it

I’ve tried to fake it and erase it

from my consciousness

but I always find myself right back on top of it.

I keep coming back to this crooked crack;

I keep jumping on it, throwing myself into it

I create my fate

when I do this.

All I see, introspectively,

are lines-

these thin lines.

Maybe so microscopic; invisible to the naked eye

Lines, metaphors, analogies.

“There’s a thin line between love and hate,”

love and lust, infatuation and disgust.

There’s a thin line that breaks

the pavement in our fate.

When I take a few steps back

I’m able to see the situation

for what it is


Yes, this is a path placed in front of me,

but every time I try

to use it as a source

as a method to a direction

I’m getting



There’s cautions on this course

natural forces,

hazards and horrendous happenings on this course.

I hear a children’s rhyme

haunting me every time

“Step on a crack…”

I know it’s bad luck,

I know to watch out,

I know there is a much more reasonable route.

But I’ve been trying so hard to fix it-

I’ve got a truck, and wet concrete, and the tools to mix it.

I’ve got heart, and hope, and a determined attitude

I have love-

So much love

and I’m trying to make it of use.


I have spent years

in a sweat

on my knees

trying to mend the cement

that keeps

our paths


and aligned.

But the weather of the years

has weathered this pavement

and although we found our way back to it

I don’t know if I still want to save it.

There’s a crack in this pavement
And there always will be.

KV ©

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